Sunday, March 19, 2006

What if you had the option to own jail? Jail is the most landed on space on the board. Jail should be an ownable "property" - everytime someone pays to get out of jail, the owner of Jail collects the $50. It would be a property like any other except that you would not be able to mortgage it and it would be for sale for a price of $175. You could only purchase it while just visiting. If the owner of Jail gets sent to jail, he does not have to pay to get out. He always gets out free! If he gets doubles, he has to move out like everyone else, though. And he still has to get out on his third turn. Perhaps a rule could be made that the owner of jail can stay in one turn longer. Should the owner of Jail be able to charge a fee for visiting Jail? If so, how much? Probably not.


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